YouTube sensation has two v@g!nas


22-year old you tuber Cassandra Bankson makes video about make-up and bullying. She has a very rare skin condition which causes her a lot of acne. As a child she was bullied about the acne and she even dropped out of school because of the extreme bullying. She has more than 1 million subscribers and they all support her. She ... Read More »

Benefits of eating garlic on an empty stomach


Garlic is a substance with a lot of medicinal properties. Different studies have showed that garlic is effective to prevent and cure different diseases. We all eat garlic by adding it to different foods. But we do not have the habit of eating it on an empty stomach. Eating garlic on an empty stomach in morning is very beneficial. Why ... Read More »

Building collapsed in Kathmandu during earthquake


Recently our country Nepal got hit by the earthquake of 7.6 magnitude. Many monuments and houses has collapsed in this disastrous. In this deathly disastrous incident many people lost their life and still the work of rescuing is going on. Still even after nine days of the earthquake many people have been rescued by the different army forces along with ... Read More »

Earth Quake in Nepal Mt Everest Avalanche


A climber on Mount Everest captured the moment a huge wall of snow hit the mountain’s base camp. 22 people were d!*ed by powerful earthquake on Saturday who climbed & more than 61 have been !nj*ured. The devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal has killed 5500 people, and some of the victims were climbers or workers at Mount Everest. Among de@d ... Read More »

Man sleeps on fire alive after getting diagnosed

Killing Cancer

Man sleeps on fire alive after getting diagnosed with bl*00d c@*ncer. C@*ncer is a life threatening disease. Majority of people cannot get proper medication for cancer because of not so good economic condition. And if it is blood cancer it gets even harder to cure the person. Similarly after getting diagnosed with bl*00d c@*ncer (Leukemia) this man from China tried ... Read More »