Stretching lowers the r!sk of heart @[email protected]

Doing 20 minutes stretching helps to reduce the heart problem and this is been proved by the study. The body gets flexible due to this and this lowers the r!sk of heart attack. Doctor from India Rajnish Kapoor said that to reduce cholesterol you need to do stretching. This was studied on those people who had pain in knees and …

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You need to know what is good for brain


Some people thinks that beer helps to run their brain fast and some search it on coffee. Lately one of the study has proved that both beer and coffee effects the brain. One of the American writer has wrote about beer . Beer or coffee To the people who works they needs both beer and coffee. Caffeine provides you energy …

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Grass necessary to remove the disease


We can see lots of grass all around. Most of the people grows this grass to make their garden attractive and this would prevent us from wound. Here you can see that grass is not good in nature but is good for health as well. This is used to worship god as well. You need to grow it on pollution …

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Small gastrics brings such problems


Gastric itself is not a disease but this is the symptoms of many other disease. In medial this is named as gastritis. This is one kind of formation of acid. When the hydrochloric acid is formed more in the body than this brings acidic water and burn in the body. Gastric occurs due to various reason. People suffer it due …

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Why do chest pain

Strong heart attack

In some case chest pains when people are at normal position. On such case people rush to hospital thinking that is heart disease. But every chest pain is not related to chest pain or heart disease. It pains due to accident, due to some stomach problem, gastric. You will feel burn between stomach and chest. People in a age of …

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