These five activities increase your age


Over time everyone grows older, but some habits are such because of which even before it starts to show our faces age. Smoking -Smoking not only damages the heart, but it is very good for skin damage and aging in the face before the age collapses. It is also a major cause of wrinkles on the face. -Cross dieting rapidly ... Read More »

Sound sleep is key to the sharp brain


The busy lifestyle of the people in present day is affecting people’s memory. Sometime in this running lifestyle we tend to forget things because of memory lapses. According to the researchers, the sound and good sleep is the key for the good mind. Researchers say that we are able to keep the facts in our mind which we sometime cannot ... Read More »

Living alone proved f”tal for men


Loneliness is that feeling when a person feels so empty and finds himself alone which can bring many heath problem in people. Also it decreases the diseases resistance capacity of the body. Loneliness bring the risk of diseases like type 2 diabetes, arthritis and Alzheimer’s . But the in the recently done one of the researches that loneliness is very ... Read More »

Why do men betray?


The good and prolonged relationship stands firmly on the basis of mutual understanding and trust but sometimes it get scatter due to the betrayal. Men or women they betray in the relationship. In the survey carried by the Huffington Post it was found that about 60% of the men betray their girlfriends. This survey was though taken in the western ... Read More »

Why are women not attracted towards you?

Young businessman outside office with digital tablet

Even after your many tries, ladies are not attracted towards you. But why? For this you should try focusing on your looks and hygiene. Learn how you will be able to attract women. 1. Looking good is in your hands: Looking good is in your hands. And for this you do not need much effort. You should leave laziness behind ... Read More »