7 super foods for respiratory problems


Today we are going to share with you some super foods which are very effective at getting rid of respiratory related problems or even lessening it’s effects. 1. Garlic: Anti oxidants found in garlic are very effective at getting rid of Lungs Cancer. 2. Tomatoes: Lycopene found in tomatoes are very effective at keeping lungs infection away. 3. Pomegranate: Anti …

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Zumba Diet: What to what at what time


Diet plays a very important role while exercising. You can do any kind of exercise but what you eat at what time will affect you a lot because you are what you eat. Today we are going to share with Zumba diet and what you should be eating at what time. Diet before Zumba: Do not eat heavy before Zumba …

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Some benefits of rooting Android Phones


Use of Custom ROM: More facilities can be used in custom ROM rather than regular ROM. Like: Like device which have no update can have newest system update. Free Internal Storage: If a phone has low internal space then, the apps of internal storage of the device can be moved to external storage to free some memory. To unlock hidden …

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Google’s new ‘Duo’ to challenge Facebook’s Messenger


Google has released it’s new video chatting app ‘Duo’. It has been said that Google has released the app to challenge Skype of Microsoft, Messenger of Facebook and Face time of Apple. Even though it is not so different from other video calling apps, it has been said that user can see who is calling them so, they can easily …

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Apply 10 ideas the stone gets out


Kidney stone is one of the disease of urinary system. This happens mostly due to increment of calcium in the body. This will interrupt the function of urinary system. Than people starts to get lots of problem. Here are some of the home made remedies to treat this problem. 1. Take the carrot or black berry and it’s juice you …

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