Reason to wear the new clothes only after washing


Many people might not care about the thing that you should wear the new clothes only after washing it. Nobody wash the clean clothes and most of the people has the habits to buy the new clothes for occasion and they just wear on that day but the scientist has suggested to wear such clothes only after washing it. According …

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How to remove Spots of Pimples


1. Don’t touch it: People have a habit of pinch pimples while its shows in yellow color. They destroy it but doing these are bad for health and face. It cause black spot on face. 2. Coconut Water: Mix coconut water with cucumber water and use it on the face which make your face clean and remove white sopts. 3. …

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Chrome browser claimed to ruin laptop battery. Microsoft edge makes battery last by 10%


Beware if you are using Google chrome on your laptop. Microsoft has claimed that Google chrome affects laptop battery negatively. Microsoft had experimented with battery among Chrome, Firefox and Opera. A same HD video was streamed for hours with the browsers. The results are: Chrome: 4:19:50 Firefox: 5:09:30 Opera: 6:18:33 Microsoft edge: 7:22:07 According to the results, Microsoft Edge is …

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10 mistakes to not commit if you want to get close to a girl


1. Negative quotation: Women do not like men who are dominating and give negative quotation regarding women. So leave these habits if you want to get close to a woman. This should not be done in front of those women who love themselves. 2. Se*ual desire: Women are not interested in men who they feel that only are getting close …

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Symptoms and avoiding of Chigger bites


Chigger are small bugs and are said to be related to spiders. They are so small that you will not see them in grass or even when they get on you body. These bugs live in long grasses and you will not know their presence until they bite you and their bite causes the most painful itch ever. They also …

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