Amazing health benefits of black cumin


Black cumin is a medicine which is small in size. It is spicy in taste. It looks like cumin but is black in color and is also fatter than cumin. It is pack with health benefits. It helps to treat stomach problems, cholesterol and even cancer. Lets take some notes on the benefits of black cumin. Prevents cancer: Black cumin …

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Want to become rich? Take these 6 things out from your house before Tihar

Change broken glasses: Change glasses of doors and windows if they are cracked or broken. Change glasses if they are blurry and do not get cleaned because it creates barrier in entrance of positive energy. Do not keep broken glasses in any part of the house. Get rid of dirt and unwanted things from roof: Many people keep unwanted things …

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Harms of wearing unfit bra


Majority of women buy bra without care. They also do not care about the discomfort caused by the bra or do not give medical attention. According to scientist wearing a bra which is not fit has many disadvantages on health. Disadvantages of wearing an unfit bra: Risk of infection: If you are a blur mark on your shoulder or you …

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What causes kidney stone? Learn some prevention


Causes of kidney stone: 1. Heredity: If someone in your family has kidney stone then you also have the risk of having it. And if you have the problem of kidney stone, there is chance of increase in them. 2. Lack of water: Drinking less water also causes kidney stone. People who live in hot area and sweat a lot …

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9 things to avoid before going to bed


1. Tea and coffee: Generally people like top drink a cup of tea or coffee after meals. But if you want proper sleep, avoid this. If you drink tea or coffee, you will not feel sleepy and will also disturb the sleep. Caffeine found in tea and coffee prevent sleepiness. 2. Chocolate: Chocolate is the number one food that should …

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