Useful brinjal


Many people eat different types of vegetables thinking the sources of vitamins and nutrition. But they also miss the other sources of vitamins instead of covering all the vegetables. Among them, few people are missing the main source of vitamin because of their taste. If you are taking brinjal then it is very good for health and if you are …

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6 steps to add password in pen drive


Pen drive might be small but it does big works. But there are chances of data being leaked when files are transferred. You might not know that pen drive can be made safe by adding password. Bit locker encryption can be used to keep data safe. But for this your laptop must have Windows 7 Ultimate OS or the newer …

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Do this before meal to get rid of belly fat


Being heavy is a problem as you have a lot of fat and have a chubby body. But there are some people who have belly fat despite being lean and thin. It is very problematic. So, today we are going to share with you a miracle drink which will help to get rid of all the unwanted belly fat. The …

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5 reasons why men doubt their wives


Relation between husband and wife must be very strong. But there are times when things get messed up because of many reasons among them the most common reason is doubts. Today we are going to share with you 5 reasons why men doubt their wives. 1. Spending too much time on phone: Doubts are created when wife talks on to …

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9 formula for healthy life


Healthy life style makes you energetic so you need to adopt the healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the things about healthy life. 1.┬áSleep: Sleep is one of the important step of healthy life style. Sleep is necessary for the energy so that you can be active the next day. Due to busy life some people cannot sleep properly. People …

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