The treatment of jaundice that can be done from home


With the increase of summer various kinds of disease gets spread. Due to various types of food the disease gets spread. Here is one of the disease which is mostly caused in the summer. Jaundice itself isn’t a disease but is a symptoms of various kinds of disease. Once jaundice is caused the liver gets harm and viral hepatitis might …

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How does the company of the free apps earns money?


Every smartphone user has raised this question once in their lifetime that how does the smartphone user earns the money. But it might be surprising but this company earns money by selling it. But how? Whenever you play games like candy crush or zombie at that time you are making them to earn money. You spend lots of hours on …

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Benefits of cauliflower, it stops the cancer and makes the bones strong


Eating cauliflowers helps to escape from cancer. This contains glucosinalate and sulforafan plays the important role to prevent the cancer. Cauliflower helps to prevent from the lungs cancer, breast cancer, intestine cancer, urinary cancer. According to Fred Hanchisan Cancer Research Center the use of cauliflower helps to reduce the probability of prostate cancer by half percent. According to the research …

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Know how aloevera helps to treat diabetes


Aloevera is popular as a medicinal herbs. This increases the immune power of the body. It contains 18% minerals, 15% amino acid, 12 vitamin and naturally it is a cold herbs and our body needs 21 amino acid where 15 id filled by aloevera. It helps to make the skin glow as wells as helps to treat the diabetes patient. …

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Eating leaves of Basil is benefit for Pregnant


Basil is such herbs, which is easily found everywhere. Basil have several medicinal properties. Its consumption is beneficial for all age group. Vitamin and minerals good source Basil is very fruitful for pregnancy period. Regular consumption of Basil decrease the aging impacts on people. It is of anti-fungal properties. It also helps to f!ght to [email protected] kind of illness. It …

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