Benefits of mustard oil


At many places, mustard oil also often called bitter oil. The mustard oil is considered the best in terms of health, not only in health but also the beauty of spruce works. Some people use it for hair growth when using some kind of powder. But do you know that the viscous and pungent-smelling oil can enhanced in this way: ... Read More »

‘Timile Dhoka Diye pachi’ – Bishwas Nepali

Smiling Young Woman Applying Face Cream --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Love is mysterious feeling. Some see heaven through love and some just have to face betrayal. Making betrayal as the subject of the sing a song with music video has been released. The song is ‘Timile Dhoka Diye pachi’ from album ‘Dhoka’.The lyrics and music for the sing is by R.B Lama. The song is arrange by Karsang Lama. The ... Read More »

Cabbage- medicine from cancer to cataract


Most of the having people make wrinkle in their forehead. they may say that this cheap vegetable is only for poor people. But cabbage is not vegetable that is beneficial for only people who do not have much wealth. This is that vegetable which can benefits those who want to keep their health healthy besides the economical status of the ... Read More »

Medicinal grapes and its composition


Grapes are beneficial fruit on the basis of its great juicy taste for mouth and for health. According to the Wikipedia there was proof found that it was brought in used to make wine in Georgia eight years ago. Therefore it has got quite long history. But this fruit can be eaten normal whereas it is used as wine, juice, ... Read More »

Easy face massage in home

Smiling Young Woman Applying Face Cream --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Face massage is done to remove dirt and death cell from the skin, opening the pores in the skin. Massage is often called cleansing. You can also prepare the ingredients for the massage at your home and that ingredients do not have any risk in damaging your skin. But massage should be done according to the type and condition of ... Read More »