Drinking water from copper utensils


Copper has got special importance in Hindu culture. Utensils of copper are used in every worship events help in Hindu culture. In our holy script gold, silver and copper are are considered as pure metal or utensils of aluminium are considered ┬áimpure. This is why copper is used during worship events.Though gold and silver are expensive copper is affordable by ... Read More »

Follow this to get prevent from Sinusitis


Sinus is the space filled with air between head and facial bones which are linked through the small holes to the respiratory tracts.And sinusitis is an inflammation, or swelling, of the tissue lining the sinuses.The sinuses when are filled with fluid, germs causing infection and blockage in the nose then sinusitis occurs. People in the Conditions that result in an ... Read More »

Why do stomach occurs in menstruation period?


In women menstruation is a normal process. But, to be severe pain during menstruation is a problem . Women during menstruation face back pain and feelings of tiredness. A few moments medical way or the general condition of the time the pain is mild. But during your menstruation you have severe stomach ache, fell nausea and pain in back and ... Read More »

Some home remedy to get relief from pains


Ginger- The ginger got a compound  which stops the production of hormone which cause pain.according to researchers adding a spoon of ginger fresh or dried in your diet will help you get relief from muscles pain. Onion’s Juice- You can put some Lukewarm onion juice in ear when you have pain in your ears twice a day every five ... Read More »

Pointed gourd and its benefits


Pointed gourd, scientifically Trichosanthes dioica which is used as vegetable in our kitchen is beneficial to our health.Mostly found in Terai region of Nepal pointed gourd is tasty when cooked and its benefits to human health is even greater.Pointed gourd along with its leaves has got great medicinal properties.especially for those who have problem related to stomach pointed gourd is ... Read More »