5 foods that work as a pain killer


Majority of people use painkillers in case of headache, joint ache or any other kinds of pain. But remember those painkillers may lessen the pain but they directly affects the liver. So it is better to consume a natural and immune system increasing food rather than painkillers. Below are listed some foods that work as a painkiller. 1. Cherry Research …

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The 7 mistake we do in the name of losing weight


Zero Calorie diet To invest the fat the body needs the fat. In order to decrease weight you can eat synthetic sweets or the drinks which might be harmful for your health. Medicine or pills To reduce weight easily we might eat medicine and pills but this effects the health. The proper exercise and balance diet is necessary for our …

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Which one is better: Black tea or milk tea?


How much tea do you drink? It is easy to say that you drink tea not for heakth reasons but just for fun. Nearly 25 crore people in the world drink tea. Among which many can not live with out tea and those who have to drink tea or coffee frequently. Majority of Nepali people like milk tea over black …

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Treating the common cold and cough staying on home


The winter is very good and happy season. But in this season if you compromise with your health than it will suffer a lot. And to treat this problem you don’t need to eat antibiotics or any sort of medicine you can treat this with simple household ideas. Here are the 8 tips to treat the common cold and cough. …

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The color of your urine will tell you what is happening to you?

nitisinone urine

From the past it is been known that the urine helps to know that what is happening to you. The color of the urine, thickness, thin and the smell declares the health condition. The food we eat changes the color of the urine. If we are using medicine than the color of the urine gets dark and it smells. Urine …

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Keep these things in mind to prevent pneumonia in kids


Pneumonia is basically a lung inflammation caused due to bacterial or viral infection. This causes the air sacs to fill with pus and may even become solid. The inflammation may affect both the lungs, only one or only certain lobes. Below are listed some things to be kept in mind to prevent pneumonia in kids: Hard time breathing and breathing …

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Disadvantages of over eating


You might not feel complete with out eating different types of food and alcohol while going to a party or program. Many people get depressed when they do not get invited. In these times more than the potential of the body is eaten. Drinking too much in short time is also very harmful, Eating too much is very bad for …

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Goose berry for gastric, diseases related to lungs and improving eye sight

Otaheite gooseberry plant

Goose berry is a very important herb incorporated in Triphala. Since goose berry is a very good source of vitamins, it is very important in Hindu religion too. It is said that a goose berry has more vitamin than 3 oranges and eating it by sitting it in the shade of tree helps cure different diseases. Goose berry has potential …

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Is taking antibiotics for cold good?


It is better to be conscious about health but it is wrong to get obsessed about it. This happens in people during severe cold. Indian have the habit of consuming antibiotics during cold. It was said in a record prepared by World Health Organization that 75% Indians still think that antibiotics can sure cold. Survey done in 12 counties WHO …

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Ayurvedic remedies for vomiting


When components of stomach exit through nose and mouth, this phenomenon is called vomiting. There are many reason of vomiting like eating too much or less food, sickness, pregnancy, drinking, poisoning, abdominal infection, brain tumor, wound in brain etc. The feeling of vomiting is called nausea but it is not the reason for vomiting. Ayurvedic remedies for vomiting are: The …

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Milk and saffron for kids: Good source of vitamin D


A study has shown that food with vitamin D with sufficient amount of milk and physical activities including exercise increases amount of vitamin D in children. This was seen in a research done by scientists of University of Eastern Finland (Finland). According to researchers high amount of vitamin D is required for strong bones. Similarly, having high amount of vitamin D …

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Terminalia chebula for extra vomiting, loss of appetite and jaundice


Terminalia chebula;’s plant is found every where. It’s taste is sour and disgusting. According to Ayurveda it contains all the taste such as mild, hot, bitter, styptic and acidic. Compounds found in it cleanses toxins from the body and helps body to function in a natural way. It helps to cure ring worm when mixed with lemon juice and applied. …

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Onion for longer and silkier hair


Long hair is a lady’s jewelry. Hair makes women even more beautiful. Ladies nowadays cut their hair short and color them. And ladies who want long and silky hair are in numerous amount. They want long and silky hair. They try different remedies. But many do not know that onion found in our kitchen can also be very useful for …

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Things to keep in mind while shaving


Facial attractiveness affects personality while dating or meeting. So, it is important for men to focus on their facial health and sanity. Compared to women, men have more harsh and rough skin. Similarly men use different kinds of products on their face while shaving. But mistakes dome while shaving can ruin looks. Things to keep in mind while shaving: · …

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Toothache? Removing it or adding new?


Many people decide to pull of their tooth instead of curing it while having a severe ache which makes people frustrated too. They later regret when discomfort and problems start to arise because of the missing tooth. According to Oral health care 2012-2013 1-4th of citizens have oral discomfort and problems. It is better to preserve the teeth given by …

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