If you don’t want to wear spectacle follow this


Eye is the sensitive part of the body. Without this living will be very hard. Due to ageing and lots of problems will result in vision and people are forced to wear spectacles. Eye is very sensitive so it is not good to use any kind of medicine and spectacles will be the only option for this. But not everyone …

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Shine your teeth in 2 minutes


Everyone loves to leave good impact in others. Shiny and white teeth also falls under it. This will affect your smile and you can impress other people too. If you want to look good and smile than you need to tackle with your teeth. If teeth is not clean than the face won’t impress and due to this many people …

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This 5 outfit might reject your interview

Woman during job interview and four elegant members of management; Shutterstock ID 370947476; PO: angelikiJ-for robin kawakami

Everyone gets worried and confused to think which cloth should they wear during interview. They apply various ideas and fails lots of time. So you shouldn’t so any mistake that will lower your self confident. You need knowledge as well as proper outfit for the interview in college. You shouldn’t wear colorful cloth while giving interview. White shirt and black …

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Do you have old CD


Do you have old CD? If so than don’t throw if it’s scratch. There is silver inside it. The main purpose of using silver is to make it shine and to prevent scratch. Here is the video which shows how you can take out the silver. In this video you can see how can you take out the silver from …

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Every female should know this


Every female and male are equal. But they are different in physical appearance. They have different features. Female are more sensitive than male. They need to carry baby in womb, they suffer from menstruation and they breastfeed their children. So here is the tips fot women. Every month there will be menstruation and on this case there might be contamination …

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