Home Remedy to get strong and beautiful legs


Beauty is important for each and everyone of us because body structure is the first medium to judge someone. A beautiful body plays a huge role to create an attractive personality/ Like any other part of the body, legs are very very important. Everyone has a desire to have strong and beautiful legs. Legs carry the pressure of entire body …

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Some common remedies to care for hair during rainy season

Woman drying her hair with a towel

1. Apply yogurt or gooseberry powder one a week and bathe. This makes your hair soft, shiny, long and strong. 2. Like normal times, dry your hair by using a thick towel and squeeze gently after washing hair. It is also good to leave hair on towel for a while. 3. Many women make a huge mistake of shaking hair …

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Here are the ways to bring chubby cheeks to shape


It is not hard to bring the chubby cheeks on shape you can do it with the regular work. Here are some tips on this slide. This happens if the fat is in the cheeks and you wants to look like your favorite actress. 1. Regular Roll exercise of cheekbone This is very effective to remove the unwanted fats of …

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Which day is good or bad to cut Hair and Nail


Hair and nail grows everyday and this is the organ that increase the personality as well. People cut the nails and hair when they like. But according to mythology there are some of the days which is considered good and bad as sin cutting the hair. Sunday: Sunday is the day of son. According to Mahabharata cutting hair and nail …

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Mythology says that keep this 5 things on the pillow


Mythology says that the satisfaction of day is related to the night. If you won’t get proper sleep at night than you will feel tired the whole day. You will feel fresh only after you get proper rest in the night. Here are the 5 things that you can keep inside the pillow before you sleep so that you could …

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