Tremendous Benefits Of Sugar Apple


Sugar Apple is found only for 3 months on the market, but it is very beneficial for health, so study about its benefits here. 1. Sugar Apple as frosty: It is also told as Salifa in Nepali Sugar Apple is very tasty but people aren’t still aware about it. This fruit is found with the start of winter that is ... Read More »

Vegetarian: Benefits or Detriment?


Animals are being sacrificed in the name of tradition. Specially in Dasain many animals are cut off . This kind of tradition is completely wrong . So to avoid this vegetarian is best way says animal lovers.But there are both merits and demerits of being vegetarian. Merits: Vegetarian food got lots of capacity to fight against diseases. Meat contains certain ... Read More »

Buying Smartphone ?Careful of these things


 These days lots of new smartphone has been upcoming in nepali market. Every single day a new featured phones have been lured to customers .Due to lots of brand in phones are making customers in dilemma . If you are planning to buy new phones and are in dilemma too then make a look on these things. Display and quality ... Read More »

How to avoid cracked lips and skin in winter?


Cracked lips and skin seems to common problem in winter season. Due to coldness skin gets dry and leaves to crack out.Besides lips , chicks ,legs and hands too. To save from these kind of crack and dry problem there are some home treatment.You should also take care of food habits.Having ghee ,milk and hot fluids will also control dry ... Read More »

Benefits of eating Guava in winter


 Do you know that tooth ache be cured with the help of guava leaves, there are many other such shocking things about guava. Guava is a kind of a fruit which everyone likes. It is also very beneficial for digestive system. There are many benefits of eating guava in the winter season. Vitamin C present in guava increases the immunity ... Read More »