Save Nepal by Melbourne Various Artists ft. Jeewan Rashaili


The order of preparing making up the music requesting help for Nepal is rising up constantly as Nepal got hit by the ma$$ive e@rthqu@ke causing hu*ge de$tructions. In that same order, Nepali artists residing in Australia have gather together and made a music video ready..The song entitled as ‘Save Nepal’ is in the voice of Tanka Budhathoki and Anu Dhakal. ... Read More »

Mero Dilma Timile video by Nitya Siwa


Music video with lyrics ‘Mero dil ma timlay chura ropyau’ has been released. This music video has direction of Shankar Adhikari ‘Ghayal’ with news worker Bikash Lamichhane and model Kajal Khanal in the video and is featured by Kamana Bomjan. The video contains the music by Rajendra Shrestha and voice by Nitya Siwa. The work direction is also by Ghayal. ... Read More »

Men@cing treadmills


There might be no self-respecting gym with no treadmill. They are the best-selling piece of gym equipment in US. From amateurs to Olympians they favour to everyone. It is a far more comfortable option than pounding the streets in the cold winter. But are they safe? After the sudden death of Dave Goldberg of Silicon Valley entrepreneur questions have been ... Read More »