15 foods that makes your muscles strong

Sprouted foods: This is good for male as it is filled with nutrition. This contains zinc which helps in fertilization on male and helps to make the muscles strong.

Peanuts: This contains acid which is good for male and this gives energy.

Garlic: It is good for male as it contains anti-bacterial and anti-viral quality which increase the immunity power.

Broccoli: This contains vitamin-c which helps to make healthy.

Green tea: This is very good for health and it helps to make the stomach and liver healthy.

Mango and papaya: This contains vitamin-a. The cover of it contains bioflavonoid and this is required in the diet of man.

Capsicum: This is good for male as it contains vitamin.

Pomegranate : The problem of prostate will get reduced.

Kodho: This contains calcium as well as zinc and fiber. This prevents from diabetes as well as fatness.

Pumpkin: This contains fiber, vitamin and minerals and it contains anti-oxidant and helps to keep the skin fresh.

Less oily diary products: You can take milk, curd as it contains protein. This contains calcium, vitamin as well as carbohydrate which keeps the muscles healthy.

Fruits and vegetables: This contains vitamin, minerals and nutrition which helps to make the muscle strong.