Facebook Ending voting system

Voting system in Facebook allows users to share their views on any policy changes that Facebook has implemented recently. Introduced in 2009, this voting system is activated for the users if a policy change received at least 7000 comments. Facebook would also consider the views of the users if more than 30% for total Facebook users participate in the voting. But now, Facebook has decided to get rid of this policy and is seeking the users’ participation this issue which can be probably the final issue raised by Facebook.


On Wednesday, Elliot Schrage, the vice president of Facebook for communication, public policy and marketing, posted a letter on Facebook stating this news and the reason for it. It wrote “found that voting mechanism, which is triggered by a specific number of comments, actually resulted in a system that incentivized the quantity of comments over their quality of comments over their quality.”

Elliot Schrage public conference


“Therefore, we’re proposing to end the voting component of the process in favor of a system that leads to more meaningful feedback and engagement,” he clarified the reason. Just like the mechanism of the voting systems in the past, this voting is also triggered if it attracts 7000 or more comments. According to Schrage, users can ask Erin Egan, chief privacy officer of Facebook, questions regarding this issue. The proposed policy changes are on the Facebook Site Governance Page and users have until 9 PM EST on Wednesday November 28 to add comment and attempt to trigger the voting.


With Facebook ending voting system, the users may have to adjust up with the changes that will follow and prepare for the adjustments Facebook might introduce anytime. Democracy to its users would do no harm but the management wouldn’t be easier either when the targeted population combine a figure in billions.


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