Microsoft launched Windows 8 in Nepal

MICROSOFT officially launched its latest product Windows 8 in Nepal on Thursday. Windows 8 is an Operating System (OS) produced by Microsoft for desktop and laptop computers and is targeted to mobile devices like tablets. Pubudu Basnayake, chief operating officer at Microsoft Bangladesh and Kapil Dev Shrestha, director general information technology at Ministry of Science and Technology, Nepal, revealed the product jointly.

Basnayake explained that this OS is designed considering the requirements of users seeking cozy interface and corporate clients who seek high level security. Microsoft states that Windows 8 is Windows re-imagined and re-invented. The complete interface has been redefined to suit the users on mobile devices. With Windows 8, Microsoft’s improvement targets to provide a better experience of using mobile devices that with Android and iOS operating systems.

windows 8 launched in Nepal

Some of the new features included in Windows 8 are faster start-up, new-look screen with clock and notifications and to let the enterprise users to create live USB versions of Windows. While launching Windows 8 in Nepal, the features were showcased for local partners and customers of Microsoft. Microsoft had already conducted some features demo programs for promotion of Windows 8 in Nepal.

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