Shah Rukh is opening a Theme Park

Badshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh is opening a Theme Park and he talks about his plans in an interview. Besides acting in films, Shah Rukh Khan is already associated with a production house and owns a cricket team Kolkata Knight Riders. Now, King Khan is planning to do a business that would benefit not only him but the kids in the city too.


Shah Rukh tells that the idea crossed his mind when he was in Dubai a few years back. When his daughter spend eight long hours enjoying the play section of the mall and kept talking about it for more than two days, he planned of opening a Shahrukh plans to open a Theme Park for kidsTheme Park right then. Khan also reveals that, he doesn’t have much time taking the kids out and have fun and for most of the people who cannot afford to go far, Theme Park would work as the best place to be.


Shah Rukh let us know that he personally takes suggestion from his kids regarding every decision. He believes that there are three things that are most important to be thought of before starting any business – entertainment, education and kids. Now, with Theme Park, he assures all of the three elements to be part of the project. Going into the flash back, Shah Rukh also talked of his poor days and inspiringly said that Education is what brought him to here from those days and  so, it’s very important in a person’s life.


So, Theme Park will be providing fun-filled education to kids and a good time to everyone, Shah Rukh shares.

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