Suicide Bomber kills 23 in Pakistan

A Shiite Muslim march was struck by a Taliban suicide bomber in Rawalpindi, near the capital. Blast killed 23 people and more than 62 are reported to be seriously injured. The attack took place at around midnight Wednesday according to Deeba Shahnaz, one of the state rescue officials. Shahnaz also informed that wounded also included six policemen and more than eight children.

 Suicide Bomber kills 23 in Pakistan

The bomber detonated his explosives when the police tried to stop him for security checks.  Senior police official Haseeb Shah reported that the attacker was also carrying grenades some of which exploded and caused a bigger damage. This was the third blast within a day. The former two were exploded outside a Shiite mosque in Karachi. Ahsanullah Ahsan, Pakistani Taliban spokesman has claimed the responsibility for all three bombings. He also stated that they will continue attacking them for they have a war of belief with Shiites.

Suicide Bomber attacks Shiite procession in Pakistan

Pakistan often suffers from this sort of sectarian violence from both Sunni and Shiite sides against each other. Even this holy month of Muharram couldn’t pass without blood and deaths. Although the security is increased every year, especially in the month of Muharram, the attacks are not prevented and the government is continuously blamed for their irresponsibility by the sufferers.

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