Dhoom 3 delayed by Amir, Again

Amir Khan delayed the shooting dates for Dhoom 3 as he had to concentrate on his other immediate assignments. This is not the first time the dates have been held up by Amir. It now seems like the Dhoom 3 won’t be in the theatres this season too. Resources informed that Amir would only be able to resume to work for Dhoom 3 in March 2013.

Well, Amir did give a month long stay in Chicago with Abhishek and Uday Chopra for the move. Later, his taking his mother to Haj for 11 days and him being busy with his “other assignments” seem to have been taking most of his time. Previously Amir had delayed the dates because of his preparations for his TV debut, Satyamev Jayate, that turned out to be a super hit. His forthcoming movie, Talaash is also preventing him from giving enough time to Dhoom 3.
Busy Amir Khan
Since, the release dates of Talaash are coming nearer, Amir now seems to be busy with the promotional stuffs. Sources close to him also suggest that he is taking time to begin shooting for P.K. with his 2 other idiot friends from Rajkumar Hirani’s.

Amir’s parts of the movie are still paused however, few other scenes are being captured slow and steadily. Katrina will be shooting some of her parts in December. Source reveals that Katrina will be playing a gymnast and hence will be performing some acrobatic stunts in the movie. Let’s just hope that Mr. Perfectionist takes time to complete the movie and we get to see it in the theatres soon.

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