How to Handle Rejection

How to Handle Rejection ??? Most of us do not want to get any rejection. It is a common human nature. However, we get many rejections and we should be able to handle it carefully. Here are some tips:

  • Anyone can be rejected. Furthermore, rejection is happening all around you, all of the time. In other words, you are not alone. Obviously, you’d have favored that it didn’t happen but it has, yet no matter who you are, rejection will occur now and then. Trying to stay away from it will bound your life’s experience, not recover it.
  •  It is usual to feel bad, so don’t try to bottle up your dissatisfaction and sadness. on the other hand, don’t let yourself to feel this way for too long––you risk coloring your future activities with a negative impression if you start seeing this as something that will happen again, no matter what you do. You still have power; you still have an opportunity to learn from this experience and to move toward the future wiser and more equipped.

how to handle rejection

  • Do not take rejection personally. This frequently stated phrase is not at odds with the fact that the rejection almost certainly feels very personal. The point at the rear this feeling is that you are often at the getting end of something far more multifaceted than what you’re able to determine. To you, it’s a simple case of a “no” to your request, proposal, hopes and dreams. To you, there may be weeks, months or years of planning, dreaming and readying yourself behind your request. And up till now, there are still two sides to this tale: First, the person doing the rejecting is often unaware of the costs to you in terms of time, resources and energy expended. And even if that person is aware of this, you’re probably even less aware of what the person doing the rejection has to account for when reaching a decision to decline your request. For example, a person may reject your demand for a date since he is still disentangling.


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