New Home Design Tips and Tricks

New Home Design tips and tricksSo, you have got a new home for yourself, and you are confused on how to design your home by yourself. Here are some new home design tips and tricks.

·         Pile up the pillows. While piling up the pillows try to use contrast colors. Mix up light colors with vibrant colors. You can also use different shape pillows to give unique effect. Also contrast the different patterns and textures.

·         Mix up light colors with bright ones. This will unique look and will also helps to make your room bigger.

·         You can intermingle your wallpaper with the color of your closet.

New Home Design Tips and Tricks

·         Wall brackets can bring order to a large collection or odd shapes.

·         Instead of bath mat you can make use of rug. This will make your bathroom appear elegant and classy.

·         Minus the sofa from your living room and add some comfy chairs. This will make your living room appear bigger.

·         Paint your room all white for classy and peaceful effect.

·         A four-poster bed will take the chill out of a modern bedroom.

·         Four lamps are better than two. You need ambient light for mood and direct light for reading

·         Make an attached closet so that all your things will not be messed up in your room and can be managed

·         Get rid of old design coffee tables and add new style on your room.

New Home Design Tips and Tricks