Rex Reed Calls Melissa McCarthy ‘Hippo’ and ‘Tractor-Sized,’

Rex Reed Calls Melissa McCarthy ‘Hippo’ and ‘Tractor-Sized,’. Reed disliked the movie, calling it “dreck” and a “chunk of junk” is hardly controversial; the film largely has been panned, earning a 26 percent positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Reed, in its place, is taking heat for his shots at star Melissa McCarthy’s weight, which he constantly ripped in stark, derisive terms. In three paragraphs, Reed manages to shred the Oscar-nominated actress for her weight four times, calling her “tractor-sized,” a “screeching, humongous creep” and a “female hippo.” He dismisses her career as a study in “being obese and obnoxious with equal success.”

The blowback came almost right away, in the comments section of the review itself. One commenter swore off ever reading the Observer again, while an additional accuses Reed of be responsible for a double standard because “if Ms. McCarthy was a man, you wouldn’t even think of calling her fat because you’d get your old ass kicked in a minute.” Others agreed, saying that Reed wouldn’t say negative things about the weight of actors such as Jonah Hill or John Goodman. Yet another said of Reed that “he’s pushing 80 and will be dead soon. Enjoy your remaining years, asshole!” Paul Feig, who directed McCarthy in her breakout Bridesmaids, tweeted, “For his catty and school bully name-calling of the supremely talented Melissa McCarthy, I cordially invite Mr. Rex Reed to go fuck himself.”

Rex Reed Calls Melissa McCarthy 'Hippo' and 'Tractor-Sized,'

Reed adds notoriety when he led off his review of the first Sex and the City film by insolent Sarah Jessica Parker for having a mole on her chin. “There’s nothing wrong with Sarah Jessica Parker, that couldn’t be cured by wart-removal surgery. That enlargement on her face just gets bigger with every close-up, and in the full-length movie version of Sex and the City it’s so distracting you can’t concentrate on anything else,” he remarked. “It’s not a beauty mark. I guess you can’t tell a co-producer anything, but listen up, girl. At this point, you would make a wonderful Halloween witch.”

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