Beauty Mistakes you should avoid

Many women apply make up in a wrong way and this makes them look ugly instead of beautiful. Here are some of the Beauty Mistakes you should avoid.

  • Applying foundation without cleansing face: This is one of the common mistakes. Never apply foundation without cleansing your face. You should apply the foundation or concealer with a brush or the tips of your fingers, so that it looks even. If you have dry skin, moisturize your skin well before putting on makeup, as powder and foundation may emphasize fine lines around your mouth and eyes, giving you a more grown-up look. For those who have oily skin, use a water-based foundation, and loose powder.

Beauty Mistakes

  • Many women apply blush only on the apple of the cheeks: This sure is the wrong way. Since this method of using blush, a lot of women end up looking strange, older, and clownish. Apply the blush with a large brush, in an uphill motion, covering not only the apple of the cheeks, but also the complete cheekbone.
  • Lot of women end up using colored liners that do not actually go with their skin tone: Use black or brown mascara, as these look upright and do not draw any surplus attention to the lines near the eyes. Make sure to clean off any loose shadow that has by chance fallen on the cheeks, and use a very light dusting of shadow under your lower lashes.
  • Chapped lips, with a dark shade of lipstick, or lips that have feathered edges teamed with a light glossy color makes women look old and unhealthy. Use clear liners to put off the lipstick from bleeding and feathering. Wearing very dark colors make thin lips look even thinner.
  • The color of the eyebrows should go with with that of the hair. Very dark, or light eyebrows makes a woman look old. You just need to fill in the liner where the hair is limited.