Buddha was born in Nepal: Japanese priest Araijenjen

Kathmandu,The main priest in Amida Inn Monastery of Japan ,Araijenjen says,”I was in delusion that Buddha was born in India so I was giving service there.As soon as I knew that Buddha was born in Nepal, I am providing service in here and I will do it always.”

There are more than 7000 monastery in Japan with increasing followers of Buddhism.Even the main priest of Japan ,Araijenjen was unknown of the fact till date that Buddha was born in Nepal,not in India.

From the religious domination of Singon xu,Araijenjen has started to serve needy and poor people in Nepal.He says,”I served many needy and poor people in India .When I got to know Budhha was born in Nepal,I came Kathmandu and started service here.” He further adds that if he had known Buddha was born in Nepal before,he would serve needy and poor people of Nepal. He has said that he will take help of Japan to serve needy people here in Nepal.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

He was eager to come Nepal when he knew that Buddha was born in Nepal.The saw many poor and helpless people in the country where Buddha was born so he decided to help people here n Nepal.He says,”Lord Buddha will mind me if I went Japan without helping people here.Apparently,I distributed 1400 kilogram of Rice to needy people near Boudha and Soyambhu Monastry in Kathmandu.” He also distributed 237 blankets to the old age home in Pashupatinath in this chilling winter.budhha was born in nepal

With the motive of helping helpless,poor and needy in Nepal,Arijenjen says,”I am helping schools near Tokha and I will take a step to provide support from Japan as well.”Token of Love was provided by Babu Lal Dongol,ex-VDC president of Tokha to Araijenjen who was in visit to Nepal. Babu Lal said that Araijenjen is determined to help needy in Nepal and support from Japan is being discussed .

After more than thousand years,world was unknown about the true fact that Buddha was born in Nepal and not in India. The positive and humble step by Araijenjen has become major success towards the truth of Lord Gautam Buddha’s origin.

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