Federal recognition of Utah for gay marriage

U.S. Supreme Court of Utah, a federal government on Thursday told clerks to register same-sex marriage certificates after U.S. Court ruling. The government legalized gay marriage to recognize gay couple who weds in Utah.

Utah is now 18th state to legalize gay marriage . On December 20, the state had ban on same sex marriage . In the recent weeks, Utah officials struggled with the legal mess that approximately 1400 gay marriage created in the state. More than 1000 gay couples registered for marriage certificate from local clerks .


35 couples married before the ruling in Weber country but their marriage certificate was kept on hold by the attorney’s of the country.Weber County Clerk Ricky Hatch said on Thursday said that with new legal advice, their registration have been processed. The Attorney General’s Office says , “The legal advice is not a validity of marriages. The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court will have the final word.  ”

She further adds , ” gay couples having marriage licenses can be recognized in one of the 17 other states that recognize same-sex marriages.”

Gov. Gary Herbert on Wednesday advised state agencies to freeze all actions regarding gay marriages until the decision of  court appeal.  The couples with that guidance left in various states of limbo in uncertainty whether they’ll be able to file joint taxes, get health coverage for their spouses or have partner’s adoptive parents recognized.



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