Torture and Death of 4 year old boy ; burn and beaten to death

According to the criminal complaint of New York, four year old Myls Dobson was burned and beaten to death by 27 year old Kryzie King. Kryzie was staying with the little boy since mid of December. The boy had many injuries in his body. There were burn marks in his face, head, neck,  testicles and marks made by an object were seen in his abdomen, legs and wrist. The child looked malnutritioned and has scars on his back according to New York police Commissioner William Bratton.

Kryzie’s was not guilty for her doing at her arraignment as per the report of the complaint officer. Kryzie was also being investigated for murder and charged for the brutality as per the Assistant District Attorney Nicole Blumberg. New York criminal complaint details torture and death

While investigation, responding to 911, little boy Dobson was found to be locked in the bathroom at Kryzie’s apartment. Dobson was unconscious on the floor as per the authorities. The child died at St. Luke’s Hospital at 1:52 p.m.

The complaint said on the report that Dobson’s father left child under the care of Kryzie on December 17. His father was caught by police for bankrupt. His mother, Ashlee Dobson lost her child custody for financial reasons in 2012.

Ashlee said to the reporter that she has always loved her child and has tried to get her son’s custody. Though she had weekly visitation,she saw her child on November lastly.

Kryzie admitted that she tied the boy’s wrists and feet together with shoe laces and draged him with a piece of cloth resulting scars on his wrists and ankles. She added that she locked the child outside on a balcony for 20 minutes and even one hour , provided that the bot is wearing only T- shirt and shorts. She even locked the boy inside dark bathroom for 3 hours. The boy had difficulties eating food and drinking. The boy lost 25 pounds till December, authorities said.

The cause of death is still pending according to city’s spokeswoman, Julie Bolcer.

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