AT&T to offer $15-a-month Beats Music family plan

AT&T at CES 2014, Las Vegas said that it will start new offer to customer. The package that gives as many as five family members unlimited streaming and song downloading for $15 a month as a new subscription to streaming service Beats Music.

This attempts to bring down the minimum cost of music for families even when two people use it to pay AT &T for cellphone service. This is a major strategy for launching Beats Music since Beats Electronics, which is backed by hip-hop music bought streaming service in 2012. AT&T to offer $15-a-month Beats Music

Beats Music would complete with other services like Spotify, Rhapsody and Rdio for additional plans in future promotional tie with the popular headphone line. They plan for 90 day free trial. According to CEO Ian Rogers, to reach the with audience world wide, the company decided to launch its service with AT&T than hurrying to tie with headphone buyers.In the CES International gadget show in Las Vegas, the CEO showcased the demo of the service.

AT&T did partnership with Beats Music due to sustainable association with Iovine and the headphone line according to the chief marketing officer of AT&T , David Christopher.

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