NGO filed complain against Kapil Sharma’s Show

An NGO with the Maharastra State Commission for Women has filed a complaint against one of the most popular comedy show “Comdey Nights with Kapil”.  In short span, this show of of Kapil Sharma ,  has earned millions of fans around world. In Indian television industry , Kapil has brought million smiles through his comedy show.NGO filed complain against Kapil Sharma's

The Commission has issued a show ca use notice to the channel and the comedian Kapil, demanding an explanation . This complain was issued against one comedy act in the show. In the act, Kapil said poor ,pregnant women can helped to deliver a child when travelling on a pothole riddle road . Some NGOs presumed this as a disrespectful bahavior for women. Not only Kapil, the other two character in the show, Dadi and Pinky are also issued.

kapil sharmaSushiben Shah, advocate and the chairperson of Maharashtra State Women Commission, filed a complaint with Raj Asrondkar, leader of the movement Kaydyane Waga. Raj said that though comments on pothole road is not a problem but relating it to pregnant woman is not a joke. Sushiben added that women should be treated with dignity but she is not against the show. However, few female character on the show are not presented correctly. The character Dadi is shown drunk again and Pinky is available to everyone.  A show case notice of fifteen days has been given to them.

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