The first commercial, kitchen-ready Food Printer

One of the most biggest electrical gadget show of CES is happening in Las Vegas this week. One of the oddest items displayed was one sugar sculpture the output of the ChefJet Pro, the first commercial, kitchen-ready food printer. Its convoluted shapes baffled the eyes and is edible.

The first commercial, kitchen-readyWe will be getting a taste of 3-D printing soon where ink can be added selectively to the water so the sculptures come out colorful. It is a feature that could be helpful to wedding and party planners.  A wedding cake supported by a delicate lattice-work tower of sugar was next to this sculpture which looked almost impossible to make. They said the printer can print in chocolate too.The first commercial, kitchen-ready Food Printer

The gadget show last year had only few 3-D printing companies. This year 30 companies were in the show that attracted the crowd at the printer and their creation ranging from toys to tea cups to iPhone cases.

An analyst for the Consumer Electronics Association said that he is now moving to a world of mass customization expecting 100,000 3-D printers will be sold in 2014.

One jewelry company demonstrated is capabilities of the 3-D printer the core of its business. From about 1,000 basic designs, buyers can order in 3-D in its factory in New York and change metals and stones. They can see the results in 3-D on their computer screens. This keep low price satisfying customers’ demands for unique pieces.

In the show, MakerBot’s new models were shown which could print objects the size of a human head costing $6,499. It also launching the Replicator Mini this spring. A smaller version that cost  $1,375 can create small sized objects .

Moreover, there was a technological fashion featuring  3-D-printed shoes and a bag with appliques created on a consumer-level, computer-controlled cloth cutter.

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