Ban on Gay Marriage signed by Nigerian President

The Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act passed by parliament on May has been signed by Nigerian President , Goodluck Jonathan . This act was not signed by him until January 7. Ban on Gay Marriage signed by Nigerian

Africa is one of those nation where basic freedom is feared. This new act is considered one of the big disappointment to gay rights. We can now see that countries like USA and other western countries have not provided acceptance to gay rights and same sex relationship. However, gay marriage and their unions are increasing.

The Nigerian Law ban to get involve intimately with same sex . Moreover, it is illegal to attend or organize a meeting of gays, operate any type of gay organization, including private clubs. The copy of signed law has not been published to avoid offense from other countries where the law is legal.

Secretary of State John Kerry said in the statement Monday that he was deeply concerned how this law would expoit the basic human rights granted by it own Nigerian Law. He also added that beside the ban on gay marriage, the law prohibits freedom of assembly, association and expression of Nigerian citizen.

The Managing director of government relations at Amnesty International USA in Washington, Adotei Akwei said in an email that this new law will put all the L.G.B.T. people at risk and violate human rights and rights to all groups must be equal. He further added the law risked people living with HIV/ AIDS.

President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni has also not signed the law against gay marriage.

Nigeria is famous for world’s leading oil producer and the population divided between Christians and Muslims. This law has brought new perspective against Nigeria regarding Human Rights.


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