Pamela Anderston Marries Ex-Husband Again

Pamela Anderston married her ex-husband Rick Salomon  again giving second chance to her first marriage. 46 year old Pamela on Saturday night in Los Angles, was wearing diamond ring on the red carpet at Sean Penn’s Help Haiti Gala and told that she married with Rick.Pamela_Anderson_Rick_Salomon-1 (1)

She said regarding this life event that they both are happy along with their families and that matters most in her life. She married Rick for the first time in 2007. In 2008, their marriage had some twist and misunderstanding. She told in “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” that they were just friends.

This is Pamela’s fourth marriage and second marriage of Rick. Pamela has two teen kids and two children from Rick from his previous wife.

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