Olympic dress prohibited to Americans

This year Olympic games will be held in Sochi, Russia where American athletes are prohibited to wear their Olympic uniforms when they are not in competition. This strict security rules are planned to safeguard U.S. Olympic team who participates and 140123194944-01-winter-olympic-outfits-2014-horizontal-galleryattend this event. State Department officials said that they will be watched by U.S.security official. All these are planned because Russian authorities are in search of one terror suspect in the venue of this upcoming Olympic games.

The official told reporters about the schedule of game from Feb 7 to 23 and described security measures in brief. Athletes and coaches are not allowed to wear Olympic uniform of red,white and blue mixed color only. They should be wearing uniform only in the competition as per officials security measures. They said this type of measure was suggested by U.S. Olympic team.

The security measure for every individual athletes will be strictly implied where every event and venue will be escorted by State Department security personnel. It is guessed that 230 athletes,270 coaches, U.S. officials and around 10,000 U.S.citizen will be coming to Sochi for the Olympic game.

Chuck Hagel, Secretary of Defense said that they have planned with Russian government to protect U.S.citizens will make appropriate plans. He added that any technology or particular help has not been asked to U.S.A by Russia though they want to help.