‘Property Brothers’ Sexiest Men Alive

The twin Property Brothers has been declared by Peoples Magazine as the ‘Property Brothers’ Sexiest Men Alive. 35 year oldCanada’s Jonathan and Drew Scott who host the popular show TV show The Property Brothers on HGTV are now under the list of sexiest men alive. “Yep, ladies love HGTV stars (and identical twins) Jonthan and Drew,” said People. This identical twin brother’s show is all about helping people find, buy and transform their fixer-upper homes into their dream house. The only other Canadians who are listed in the special issue of People are B.C. natives Seth Rogen and Alexander Ludwig and Toronto’s Eric McCormack. Justin Timberlake, Chris Pine, Adam Levine and David Beckham are just some of the other men who are included on the list of sexiest men.

property brothers HGTV

There are many fans of HGTV Property Brothers who wants to know many things about them. Some wants to know about Property brother’s location, some about Property Brothers Bio, some are property brothers Married??? And some even about their sexuality. These curiosities on these questions have been answered after their interview with YourTango.com.

Jonathan, who was previously married, recently told YourTango.com “I believe in lust at first sight but don’t believe you can be in love with somebody until you’ve spent time to really learn who they are. I have absolutely met women who took my breath away and left me wondering if they could be a great match for me.  But until we have taken the time to connect … it’s not love.”

property brothers HGTV

Drew, who has a girlfriend, told the website: “It sounds cliché but communication is the number one way to keep a relationship solid. You can’t just assume that everything is perfect—like anything you are passionate about, ask questions, express your own feelings, and take a genuine interest in making the relationship the best it can be. That and lots of ice cream make a happy relationship.” The HGTV stars and twin brothers stated that they are “very flattered” by the honor of even making the list, they’re not terrified of a challenge.




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