Salman’s ‘Jumme ki Raat Hai’s replica ‘Makhamali’

What can Nepali actors really do to come in lime light? Showing off their body and copying international movies now and then just to come into gossip. Actress Subekshya Thapa has not been able to come out of this type of lime light. Before this for the promotion of her movie ‘Miss Nepal’ Subekshya covered her private parts with a fish. At that moment she was both hated and gossiped about.

This time too for the promotion for movie ‘Makhamali’ created by Subekshya, she has prepared a song. The video of the song is similar to a Salman Khan starred Bollywood movie ‘Kick’s ‘Jumme ki Raat hai’ lyrics song. Director Raju Giri agrees that the song was replicated from Salman Khan’s video.
Song ‘Yo yo Durgis Thapa’ with Subekshya having the lead role is clear to have been created for promotion. The movie going to be released in the occasion of Teej speaks the story of women. But how reasonable would it be to copy from Bollywood rapper Honey Singh and actor Salman Khan’s song just for the promotion of the movie.

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