Actress Priyanka Karki in love with footballer younger than her

Actress after being the selection of younger footballer Rupesh K.C, he seems very pleased. Footballer K.C got the opportunity to work on a few dance steps with an actress older than him with a music video from director Nikesh Khadka. The video was currently brought into public view via you tube. Rupesh got the opportunity to get close with Priyanka through the video ‘Lagyo ray maya’ by Puja Gurung. The song with words and music by Ashu Sen Lama, and video with Prashant Tamang’s choreography, Rajan Ishan’s arrange, Lujja Singh’s cinematography and Nishan Ghimire’s edit.

The footballer made a debut in the video something like this:
Footballer Rupesh was a facebook fan of singer Puja Gurung. Puja quiet frequently chatted with Rupesh and also wanted a fresh and energetic model like Rupesh for her video. To watch Rupesh’s match Puja went to Kathmandu’s Rangasala and even home field Pokhara now and then before getting close to the footballer. Singer Puja once told this to editor Nikesh. Nikesh himself being a fan of Rupesh, there was no way he would deny it.
Rupesh was becoming a model at once. And suddenly Rupesh K.C was in team of Puja, Nikesh and actress Priyanka Karki. Since Nikesh and Puja had already selected him, Priyanka too didn’t say no to work with a fresh face. Then Rupesh took some dance classes for a few period of time. And finally he opened the ticket to acting world by modeling in a romantic styled song.

Singer a social worker too
Romantic item song ‘lagyo ray maya ki’ is fourth video of singer Puja Gurung. Before this she did videos like ‘ae mero raja’, ‘preeti ko mitho tirsana’ and ‘jiban sathi’. Except in the field of singing singer Gurung has also taken a step to help children suffering from cancer since last 3 years.
She has been supporting helpless kids by collecting money through conduction of different charity shows. Singer Gurung is planning to be a social server for the rest of life apart from singing.

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