‘Chankhe Shankhe Pankhe’s trailer released

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Kathmandu. Movie ‘Chankhe Shankhe Pankhe’s unit has publicized a secret between news crew and movie crew this late Thursday. Program director Naresh Poudel opened the secrets in the lately started program in a very interesting way as always. Until the singers Traya Rupak Dotel, Bhim Limbu and Rukman Limbu had completed performing their song ‘Facebookai lay maryo’ on stage of Sundhara located Bakery Café the audience could not see much guts of news crew member Naresh. But when he introduced the different actors and directors with Sudarshan Thapa on stage then only the present audience welcomed with round of applause and also praised about the secrets works of ‘Chankhe Shankhe and Pankhe’.

From the same spot where the trailor of ‘Chankhe Shankhe Pankhe’ was released the movie ‘Premgeet’ directed by Sudarshan Thapa was also declared. Director Thapa said that the dream he had been thinking about a love story from a while then is on the verse of becoming true with the movie ‘Premgeet’s work being on the end stage and will be released on 1st Jestha. In the occasion the lead actor of the movie ‘Premgeet’ is kept on suspense even though it is said that maximum of the actors and technical are repeated. The movie produced by Santosh Sen has been prepared to go on stage by Shrawan.
Another secret of the program conducted with dinner was that actress Puja Sharma was also becoming a producer. In the competition to become a new producer Puj who introduces herself as Puj Thapa says that why would not she support Sudarshan Thapa who taught her to fight and tackle the problems and obstacles aroused in the film industry also quotes herself to be seen as a producer as well as an actress.
Puja is going to be seen as a producer from the movie ‘Meera’. In the movie Puj has been supported by producer Sen and even director Thapa. Another secret opened during the program is that in the movie produced by Puja, Sudarshan and she herself will not be seen as actors. The movie is being directed by Suresh Poudel who came in gossip after he directed ‘Avash’.

In the program, letting out the secrets one after another the director of the program Poudel again told that only the producers were selected and the search for others was still going on in a very exciting way. Before the atmosphere of could I become the lead actor of the movie and a lot of laughter was down director Poudel said that Naresh made a nice joke it could be seen that the audience seriously rolled over the floor and laughed.
Poudel with a long time experience in movie editing stated that ‘Meera’ is an action love story movie and also said that majority of the performers in the movie are going to be a fresh faces. It was also informed that the music part of the mentioned movies in the program had already started. Both the film crew and news crew gave a positive feedback to the 2 minute long trailer of ‘Chankhe Shankhe Pankhe’ and the fulfilled program.
Actors Sudarshan, Subash, Prem and Puj have been featurized as the lead part in the movie filled with topic like entertainment and love for country. It has been said that the movie will be released in Nepal on 1st Jeshtha where as it will be premiered in Bahrain on 4th Baisakh.

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