‘Hostel Returns’ to collide with ‘Destination Kathmandu’

Durgish Banner which has been giving hit films every year is again going to collide with other movies. According to the given information on 25th Baisakh last film directed by Deepak Rayamajhi ‘Destination Kathmandu’ has fixed its date of release. Super star Rajesh Hamal’s maternal uncle who was directing the movie died 4 years ago before the completion of the movie. Deepak debuted Rajesh Hamal in movie ‘Nagari’ form ‘Yug dekhi yug samma’.
Deepak who left the world before the completion of 20% of his movie ‘Destination Kathmandu’ was completed by his co-director Madhusudan Bhattarai. According to producer Sarad Adhikari Deepak will be kept on the position of director in the movie whereas Madhumadan will be submitted as the executive director.

The movie ‘Destination Kathmandu’ with Australian actress Sarah Mawe including actors Dilip Rayamajhi, Jharana Thapa having the lead role is said to show the culture of two different countries. To collide the movie with a big bannered movie ‘Hostel Returns’ on 25th Baisakh on its own is a challenge and very risky.
Last year movie ‘Bouncer’ was released with ‘Hostel’, even ‘Bouncer’ fell flat on its face likewise after a long Nepal Banda internationally loved movie Ishaqzaade was left behind by the Durgidh Bannered movie.