Remembering Motherland from foreign country (video)

Spain-Music-Video1It’s said that if you want to know how much you love your country you should go abroad. Apotheosis done of your country by sleeping in mother’s lap might be easy but apotheosis done without experiencing it might sound shallow.
This video made by INAS Musical Band Spain says about the youth who have left their country and are living abroad. The song with lyrics ‘Kasto vayo hola mero gau thau’ was publicized between a program on Monday.

The song is written by Suman Bairagi which collects the words of memories and imaginations of a Nepali living abroad. Niraj Shrestha has filled the music in the song. Song with voice of Tulasi Siwakoti is starred by the different Nepali’s spending their life in foreign countries.

The video contains cinematography by Bamsal Adhikari, edit by Khagendra Pandhak Limbu and was directed by Sanjay Bikram Shah. This song is a total representative of saying, ‘Bidesh ko syau vanda aafnai desh ko naspati mitho.’
The video is also trying to reflect the Nepali culture and how hard it is to be in a foreign country.

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