These foods melt stomach fats

fatMost of the people have got worries on how to reduce the fats of your stomach. There are some foods which easily reduce the fat of your stomach. These foods increase the metabolism in the body help fat producing hormone to get active. Some the countable foods that help you to reduce your stomach fats are banana, almonds, wheat’s products, coconut oil, pulses, red chilly etc.

Most of the people considered banana as one of the weight gaining food. But banana has fats destroying component on them. Resistant starches found in banana get converted to fatty acid by the bacteria found in the stomach. This help to stop fatty material inside the body. To lose weight it can be taken as fruit salad.banana
Protein rich almonds build up muscles along with avoiding accumulation of fats in the body. It has potentiality of destroying fats in the body and also help in digestion of food. According to US Pennsylvania State University, Clayara Bherimyan, taking almonds in breakfast instead of diet with carbohydrate can protect from heart related problems. Similarly it help to control the accumulation of additional fats in the body. Almonds can be taken dry or soaked.

Diet with wheat’s food is another alternative to reduce fats of the body. It takes out the toxic waste from the body helping to reduce the fat in the body. It contains Vitamin E and B, zinc, selenium, copper, iron, and magnesium like elements. It also contain enough amount of fibre which helps to reduce the weight.

whole-grainCoconut oil is filled with great amount to triglyceride. This fatty acid is easily digested by our body. Due to this fat cannot get accumulated in the body and also benefits for the production of energy. Using coconut while cooking can be another alternative for losing weight.

coconutSimilarly pulses are also a great part of diet for losing weight. This is rich source of iron. Including pulses in daily meal help in digestion and the fats cannot get accumulated in body.

DALChilly is also effective in case of reducing fats in the body. The component capsesine found in the chillies reduce the fat by oxidization process. It help in the digestion and burns out the unwanted calories. The component found in the chilly reduces hunger and help to save the energy.
And how can any one forget broccoli while reducing weight. The nutrient available in broccoli activate the enzymes and destroy nutrients.

source: swasthyakhabar