Gautam Buddha Airport is shining this way

The much gossiped conducted by National Pride Gautam Buddha International Airport’s work of upgrading is moving forward in a very rapid pace. It has been aimed to bring the airport which was started to be constructed about 2 months ago under conduction with in the starting of 2018. Currently the work of diversion of the river Ghaghara located in the airport is rapidly going on. The construction of habitat for the department and workers of the project is also going on.

The deputy of the project Om Sharma said, ‘The diversion of the river is being done with an aim to complete the work within the rainy season.’ And also said, ‘The work of diversion of the river Ghaghara is about 70% complete.’
2 lakh 50 thousand cubic meter out of 3 lakh 20 thousand cubic meter of mud has already been cut. If the work of diversion of the river is done at the same pace it is guessed to be completed within Jestha.
The diversion of the river has been taken to be the main challenge of the project. The current river will be mixed with the same river about 2.5 km away towards south.
With the diversion plan the administrative building, Lab Center, Staff Quarter are also being constructed. This work is also aimed to be completed within Jestha.
Even though the construction of Internal Terminal Building has not been part of the 1st phase but it has been said that the work will be started very soon.

Deputy Sharma said that the indigenous construction materials are going to be given the first priority. But informs that there will be no compromise in quality and material will be used only after a proper lab test.
More than two thousand engineers are observing and examining the on construction airport regularly. Nearly 60 trucks and 17 dodger including excavator are deputed in the work.
Gautam Buddha Airport constructed in 2023 under the support of Indian Government is being upgraded to an international airport.
For the construction physical structure the company has been provided with the budget of 6 arab, 22 crore, 20 thousand 2 hundred and 27 rupees.

The airport is being constructed under the concessions loan help of Asian Development Bank (ADB). It has been guessed that around 8 and a half arab will be spent to complete the work.Goutam-Buddha-Airport-7 Goutam-Buddha-Airport-6 Goutam-Buddha-Airport-3 Goutam-Buddha-Airport1

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photo: onlinekhabar