This is why chicken meat is getting harmful

Boiler chicken meat is becoming loved form of meat among the middle classed people of cities. Even people who do not eat red meat are embracing chicken and fish as their other option for meat. But investigations say that chicken meat produced in a commercial way with use of different chemical products can be very harmful for human beings.

According to a research done in America chicken meat can result a danger of person to be anti-biotic resistant i.e. antibiotic can have no effect on a person consuming chicken for a long period of time

Commercial chicken rarer use strong antibiotic to protect the chickens from different diseases on the other hand they also feed the chickens with grains that are composed of different hormones and chemicals so as to develop the chicken faster and in a better way which consuming chicken meat has become harmful to health said some scientists.

According to a news posted on Proceeding of National Academy of Sciences journal, within 2030 every year people will be consuming a total of 4 thousand, 7 hundred and 43 tons of chicken fed with highly concentrated antibiotics. China will lie on the 1st for consuming the most amount of chicken.

Because of use of antibiotics manufactured for the use of humans and animal for chicken so as to protect them from diseases and to develop them faster, it has become more harmful for humans. Consuming chicken which are raised this way those medicines absorb in human body in some amount.

On continuous consumption of chicken meat contaminated with antibiotics result in a slow progress in protest against antibodies inside body. Researchers say that people eating chicken fed with antibiotics used by humans for curing different diseases develop an immunity towards antibiotics which later on will further cause body to not react towards antibiotics taken to cure diseases.

According to World Health Organization due to the consumption of contaminated food millions of people are dying every year because of the development of immunity towards antibiotics in the body. In South Korea and European countries production and trade of these kinds of meat is illegal.