Scientists made Aluminium ion battery that can be charged in 1 minute

aluminum-batteryIt is hard to believe that, our smart phones, notepad and laptops that take many hours to charge fully can be charged in one minute one day. Scientists have made an Aluminium ion battery that can be charged within a minute. The aluminium ion battery made by investigators of Stanford University CA, USA can be charged within a minute. Inventors of Aluminium ion battery says that one day it will replace the lithium ion batteries that are in use nowadays by smart phones, laptop and notepad.

Nowadays, most of the electronic appliances use Lithium ion battery. It takes hours for lithium ion batteries to recharge. According to the investigation, aluminium ion batteries can be charged within a minute. Aluminium ion batteries would last longer and would be cheaper than Lithium ion batteries. Professor of Chemistry of Stanford University and inventor of Aluminium ion battery Hongi Dye told it as one of the most important achievement for battery technology. According to him, rechargeable Aluminium ion battery is eco-friendly and it will replace those alkaline batteries and storage devices. Inventors further told that Aluminium is used as anode and Graphite is used as cathode in this battery and it can produce emf of 2 volt. Nowadays, inventors are investigating to produce more than 2 volt emf from this battery.

Inventors want to increase its emf so that it could produce equal emf that of Lithium ion battery before sending it to the market. Lithium ion batteries which are on use nowadays can produce 3.7 to 4.2 volt emf. Inverters further told that they would find the way to increase Aluminium ion battery’s emf from 2 to 4.2 volt soon. Lithium ion batteries blast sometimes. But inventors of aluminium ion battery told that it would not catch fire and would not blast even after making a hole in it.

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