Poster and song of movie ‘Rato Ghar’ got released

A movie “Rato Ghar’ which has being gaining popularity form its period of shooting has publish its posture and song as the first look of the movie. Releasing the 10 motion posture from You Tube is the first used in Nepal movies industry. In the released song ‘Fulko Ful’ Mala Limbu has performed a item dance. The song has voice of Sashi Rawal and music by Mahesh Kadhka.

The movies going to be produced by Mang Him Films and Takme Production has the presentation of Nikesh Limbu. Suraj Sibba Nalbo and Wilson Bikram Rai are the producers of the movie. The movie is directed by Nalbo himself. In the movie actor and actress of Wilson Bikram Rai, Samyam Puri, Gaurav Pahari, Gaurav Pahari, Menuka Pradhan, Bikash Shrestha can be seen. The movie has got edition of Bipin Malla, music by Mahesh Khadka and Damber Nepali, choreography by Kabiraj Gahatraj and the $tunt directed by Roshan Shrestha.

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