How to start raw diet

There are many reasons why people start eating raw and there are a million of ways to eat raw but most of them are unhealthy for the overall health. People eat raw to detox their body or even to lose weight but the main aim is to live a healthy life. This is a guide to eat healthy.

1. If you are taking medication or under a doctor’s guide make sure to consult him about your it before starting. And also do not stop taking your medications.
2. Drink 160z of water every day. Also add some lemon to the water, adjust the amount of lemon according to your choice.
Lemons are a great source of vitamin C which is helpful for liver.
3. Replace your regular breakfast with a glass of green smoothie. You can make a smoothie out of your choice of green. And also eat an apple or other fruit for sweetness. Or you can also consume a glass full of fruit smoothie. Bananas and strawberries are great.
Drinking fruit smoothie for breakfast gives you energy for the entire day. It also provides anti-oxidants to the body and it gives digestive system a break.
4. You can also opt your heavy fatty breakfast for fruits. Do not be hesitated to eat more than one. Eat as much as you want to satisfy your hunger.
If you feel hungry between the meals chow down some fruits, veggies and also some dried fruits and nuts.
5. For lunch eat a huge bowl of salad with raw salad dressing like lemon, olive oil and some pepper corns. Also add a few nuts in it.
6. For dinner eat a small piece of baked or steamed fish aside a large bowl of salad. Ii is hard to let go of these at first so slowly climb the ladder and lower your consumption.
7. Avoid junk food. And also avoid desserts.
8. Lower the consumption of salt and sugar and other preservatives.
9. In the first month of raw diet you will be taking a lot of fibers from the vegetables.
This is a slow process and you will slowly get habituated to it. Similarly, the goals will also be slowly achieved. All you got to do is stay patient, positive and be sincere to the diet plan.