Do you want to lose weight? Then try this

When you gain weight then you keep the less diet in your first priority for losing your weight. But losing weight does not mean to lessen your diet. To control your weight you have to choose balance diet not lessening the diet. You need to take fruits, vegetables, nuts and beans in your diet which help to burn your fat of the body. The balance diet does not only help to remove your hunger but it also help you to lose the weight. Here are some food that you can include in your diet if you are think=king if losing the weight.

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Apple- It has got pectin named substance in it. This component helps to control the absorption of fats in the body. Pectin is found in almost all the fruits. Green Tea- It has that component which helps in the digestion of the food controlling the weight of the body. It give raise to the generation of glucose and help in burning the fat. Citrus fruit- The citrus fruits like orange, lemon contain high vitamin C content also with fat resistance component. t reduce the high insulin level in the body and also stops the accumulation of fats giving more priority to weight lose. Broccoli- Enough amount of calcium and fiber are found in the broccoli. Vitamin C is also found in high amount. The calcium helps in the controlling the body weight, according to the studies done.

Soybean- Soybean has got lecithin name component in it which help the cells of the body to avoid the accumulation of fats. It also works in breaking the fats accumulated in the body. Wheat- It has got enough amount of fiber. This help to reduce the obesity of the body. Garlic- Garlic has got elicin component. This component also helps the cells to avoid the accumulation of fats. Pears- According to the recently done research in Brazil pears helps in losing the weight. It has got low calorie and abundant amount of fiber which is why eating pears regularly help your hunger and also help in reducing the body weight. Nuts- According to the many researches taking nuts in the diet can also help in losing the weight. It has got enough protein it along with fiber and also burns the fat.

Banana- It has got magnesium salts in it. It help in generating energy and also help in neuron system. It also help in secretion of insulin and make its work regular. Also it help in the absorption of calcium component from the food. Water- According to the latest research done in Germany, the water rise the rate of calorie burn of the body. The enough drinking of water also reduces the hunger. Asparagus- Asparagines components are found in asparagus. It directly make affect in the cells of the body and work to break down the fats. Also the other component found in the asparagus help in the excretion of toxic substances from the body.