The reason you should not have water immediately after you have meal

According to the ayurveda drinking water immediately after having the meal is harmful for the health. It says that drinking immediately after the meal can be equal to the poison. Water get to the digestion process of the body when you drink water immediately after the meal and it plays very negative role. When we eat our meal our left area of navel generates juice that helps in digestion. That juice remains active for a hour after taking meal.

According to the ayurveda that produced juice help in digestion process. When we drink water immediately it effect the in generation of the juice which is why it is considered harmful. At least there should be difference of half or an hour time difference. The juice get destroyed when you drink water because of which the energy required by the body cannot be generated. The food get decayed instead of digested if you drink water immediately after meal. It also mentioned in the ayurveda that drinking water immediately after the meal can cause 103 types of diseases. So do not drink water immediately after meal or keep the minimum time difference of 45 minutes to drink water after meal. Drinking water early in the morning is very beneficial for the health.