Ideas to save your eyes and eyesight

hand-in-eyePeople have to use spectacles when they happened to have weak eye sight. For some time the spectacles become new for people but you get engaged with it. Moreover you need to visit every time to the doctor to correct the power of the glasses. Rather than this it wise to stay at home and involve in the ideas of saving the eyesight with natural ways.
Grind nuts, soup and sugar equally. Drink the powder mixing with milk every night for forty days before going to the bed. Then drink water after you finish drinking this mixture. It will make your eyesight correct.

Amala has got abundant amount of vitamin C in it which is very beneficial for eyes. Make the habit of having either the power or juice of amala or the whole amala itself before going to the bed. The amala get more beneficial for your eye if you take it with honey.
Carrot has phosphorous, vitamin A and vitamin C and iron. Having it regularly or its juice can help to improve your eyesight power.

The most important thing on keeping your eyes healthy and improve your eyesight power is to take care of what you take in your diet. The balance diet has important role in making entire body fit and healthy. Including food like carrot, egg, green vegetabes, fruits, papaya, in the diet can be very beneficial for your eyesight and overall health of the eye.
Walking on the green grasses with bare feet every morning can also be beneficial for the eye. After you wake up at morning rub your palms together and put them over your eyes. It can be very much beneficial for the eye.


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