You can lose your weight without any exercise

60081-motapaTo reduce the excess fat from the body you do not have to do very heavy exercise from now. During normal workout and leaving more breathing helped to loss even more fat. In a new study researchers said the findings revealed that pulmonary fat are the primary excretory organ. According to them, over 80 per cent of the excess fat from the body may be reduced.

The carbohydrate or protein in the diet turn into triglycerides which three atoms of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen occur. According to the researchers, to remove excess fat triglyceride molecules, atoms need to free up, the “oxidation” process is called.
Australia’s University of New South Wales researcher Ruben Mirman and Andrew Brown said, to reduce fat in the fat cells to release carbon is required, which is said to eat less and walk more. During the research, he found that 10 kg of body fat is completely oxidized; it is 8.4 kilograms of carbon dioxide to the lungs as the exits, while the remaining 1.6 kg of water is created.

From this analysis it is evident that the metabolic (metabolic) process requires huge amounts of oxygen. The study magazine “British Medical Journal” is published in.

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