Things that we use even after its expiry

pillow_s-650_070315042546We also go to the medical store to buy medicine, first see the above expiration date in it. You applied this in your food too but can you say with claim that you do not use any things after its expiry?
Most of us every day has expired pillow, brush, bras and other items use. The interesting thing is that at this point we do not know that these things are time expired.

1. In the six months to be replaced pillow
Perhaps you’ve never thought of it that your pillow may also expired. However, it should be expired on pillows filled with fiber depends on. Light is made of high quality fiber pillow is able to change in six months. However, good feathers and wool pillow made of eight years also shows.
Perhaps you will look to your pillow always right, but after some time it dust, dirt, oil, hair is filled. As well as its size is changed. Too thin pillow to sleep on the problem of neck pain becomes.

2. Change when Toothbrushes
There are many people who do not change unless your brush will not start falling until his Bristles are jharakara. Slowly brush Bristles are bad start. Which would not have been able to clean the teeth properly and then take is hurt and gums.

Experts believe that within 30 days of the brush should be changed. With the brush to brush it to keep in good condition after hot water washing should be to go out there trapped food particle and the airline does not have to breed bacteria.
3. The change should take eight months bra
Your favorite bra so smooth or how many years old? You will tell your friends the great pride that this is my favorite bra, which I am wearing so many years. But do you know that your bra is also expired? After a few months, you will also feel that your bra does not like the shape of the first and he has been loose. Wearing a bra is not right it can get worse shape.

4. should be changed every week Kitchen Sponge
When you change your kitchen sponge? Experts believe that the sponge used in the kitchen should be changed every week. Most days the sponge used in the bacteria begin to flourish, so that instead of being clean is spread diseases.
5. Smoke alarms should be replaced every ten years
Any office when the new forms of the many things in mind there is also fitted a smoke alarm, but it is never changed. But it also should be changed every 10 years.

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