‘Oiliyera Jharna Dinna’ Arjan Pandey

60081-motapaTwo girls had to suffer from @tt@ck from acid in falgun 10 who were gone for their tuition classes. After that many social worker and human right workers asked justice for those two girls. They also asked government to give hard punishment to the culprit. After the investigation the police found out the culprit.
A song has been released in market which has words to provide guts to those girls. The music video for the song has also been released. The music video feature actress Keki Adhikari as the victim of the acid @tt@ck and the video has been released through youtube.

In the video Keki though being @tt@ck from the acid is shown to be getting toward her aim without being distracted through the incident. This song ‘Oiliyera Jharna Dinna’ is in the voice of Arjan Pandey.
The song has got encouraging word from DP Khanal and the music by KIran Kandel, The sing has been arrange by Almoda Upreti. In the music video Keki has been seen with child artist MAnavi Khadka and Nirjan Thapa. The video is directed by NIkesh Kadka. The video has got choreography of Prashant Tamang.

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