Ear piercing health benefits for both men – women

ear1 ear2 ear3Hindu religion is one kind of religion which is based on Hinduism. Piercing the ear is not only the tradition but there is some reason behind it. Men too for fashion, they are getting interested on piercing their ear. But what is the scientific reason behind piercing the ear.

1. Increase in mental power According to scientific vision piercing the ear helps to circulate the blood in a proper way. If there will be the proper blood transmission in brain the memory power also increases, may be due to this reason the student who used to go Gurukul should do piercing their ear. This is due to the increment of memory power in the student.

2. Immunization power gets managed Piercing the ear is beneficial for both male and female, the middle of the ear is mostly responsible for immunization. This will solve the problem of irregular menstruation.

3. Beneficial for male Piercing the ear will helps to generate the sperm. The various types of problems is seen while piercing due to which most of the male gets suffered from hernia. Except this there will be the glow in the face.

4. Beneficial for eyes This will improve the vision.According to acupuncture. It is said that the center of ear is directly attached to the vision of eyes. Acupuncture gives pressure to this and the vision of eyes gets better.

5. Ear will be healthy There will be Acupressure point in the ear hole which is called master sensor and master cerebral. This point will have the power of hearing. According to Acupressure piercing ear will help to get rid from tetanus.

6. Keeps the digestive system healthy The energy while piercing the ear will help to keep the digestive system healthy. This point mainly is a hunger point and it controls the digestion as well as reduces the risk of fatness.