What is contouring makeup and how to use it?

Contouring makeup is an art and this is been started by Kin Kardison. On this highlighter, foundation and bronze is used. This will give the shape to the face. The big artist take it’s help to look thin and show their face look in shape. This is one kind of art which will give a better shape to your face.


• This will bring the new shade to the face and this shade is very impressive. If you want to do contouring than you need to follow the rule in time to time.

• You need to start with good brushes. After this you will need to select the skin tone foundation so that your color will look more clean. You need to do this before doing the eyes, lips makeup. For this you will need contouring brush, powder and cream.

• Bronzer is used to contour the face so your bronzer must be matte. You need to take such bronzer that should be little dark than your face so that you will get the natural shade.

• The another important thing about contouring is highlighter. This will bring the shine to your face. You need to use the angle brush for the cheek contouring.

• You can use shimmer if you are going out for night. It will show your face thin, you can use it on cheekbone or colorbone.

• Once you do contouring your face will get the natural shade. You need to use proper blending brush for this so that everything will look easy on your face.

You cannot include contouring in your everyday’s makeup because it will take more time but you can do it occasionally.