Little girl does not feel pain, get hungry or sleep


The little girl in the picture looks like any other girl but she is suffering from such a disorder due to which she does not eat or sleep.

Even a big wound does not make her feel pain. Doctors have given Olivia the name bionic and her mother calls her daughter made of steel.

Olivia is a resident of Huddersfield Britain and she does not feel hungry and rarely sleeps. She sleeps once in every 3 days hardly.

According to doctors she has a hereditary disorder called Chromosomal Deletion Syndrome. She is the only person in the world who is suffering from all three symptoms of the disorder which is not feeling pain, hunger or sleepy.

Thee problems were seen in Olivia in just few months after birth. She did not cry even as a toddler and did not sleep either. Her hair had not grown properly at the age of 4 too. She does not want to eat. She only drinks milk shake and eats chicken noodles forcefully.

Once she fell very badly and her lips got wounded. The wound was scary but she did not cry.

Olivia’s mother said that they do not know what happens to her because she feels no pain. With continuous medication, she has started to eat and her sleep as also increased. According to doctors her disorder is not completely curable. But the symptoms can be decreased at some level.