There are no secrets if you use Facebook

Sometimes when you see a ad on your Facebook wall, you might be shocked how Facebook knew about your likes and thoughts. When there is a friend’s of family’s birthday, Facebook will show you a cake and notify you. This happens to every Facebook user. For many it is a bothering topic. But after entering the online world, there is no benefit of worrying. Because of the information provided by user while entering Facebook, it is able to know every small thing about you. No other social media collects as much personal information about user as much as Facebook. Facebook collects 18 different information about you and sows add on your wall according to it. Facebook collects information about location, earning, likes and dislikes, your needs, latest online searches, close friends and also key words used on chat and many more.


A profile is made after this and advertisers adds ad on a wall looking after the collected data. Facebook believes that ads must be useful for the user. Many people have the habit of not logging out Facebook on their mobile device or pc but while doing this, Facebook collects all the data about other searches being done at the same time. Facebook has many other details about you even after logging out. Whenever you like or share a page, Facebook records it. A private profile is made from personal details like name, age, city, gender etc. After creating an account, Facebook also created an secondary account tracking your activity.

Looking after information like job, company, likes and dislikes etc. , Facebook displays adds on your wall. In the third trimester of 2016, Facebook has already earned 67 thousand crore Supers through ads. This is 63% more than last year. The main matra of Facebook is to collect as much data as possible. And being based on the same details, Facebook displays ads on wall. Is there a way to survive such ad terr0r!$m of Facebook? If you use Facebook, it is not possible. Online sharing has increased so much on Facebook, that the number of ads are also increasing.