You should eat something after drinking alcohol

Most of the people drink alcohol this days. Around 39% alcoholism are found at home and 28% are female. Effects in brain: This will slow the functioning of brain. So it distract the functioning of brain. Similarly person will lose the memory power and they starts getting moody due to this. This also affects digestive system, liver and stomach. If you drink it more than this will affect the next day.

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Risk of Cancer and diabetes:
Drinking alcohol produce lack of fol-late vitamin. This will risk cancer. Regular use of cancer risk this cancer. People who are addicted to this has the chance of diabetes as well. This affects the pancreas and this will lower the insulin production and this contains calorie so weight gets more. As a way of medicine No doctor suggests to drink alcohol. Drink 60 ml per week is healthy. Effect of alcohol depends upon age, s*x, weight of the people.

What to eat after drinking alcohol?
You need to drink fruit juice before and after you drink alcohol and you need to drink enough water. You can eat apple, strawberry, berry at another morning after you drink alcohol. You can eat fish named salmon or you can take trout fish as well. You shouldn’t drink coffee, tea for 24 hours you drink alcohol.