Milk gives you energy as well as harms

We always force to drink milk and tell that this will make your bone strong. But one of the research has amazed everyone it has shown that this doesn’t make our bone strong but protects from breaking bones. This will help to prevent fracture. According to one of the report milk consume one kind of element that risk osteoporosis.


The milk we talk is neither postured nor it is raw. Later the milk is made posturized. The more we take posturized milk we need to take the alkaline element, this will be fulfill from the bones. The PH mode in our body is always alkaline. We need to keep it on level. If we drink processed milk everyday than we might suffer from the serious disease called osteoporosis.

The factor of hip is increasing and this is due to the acidic food. As we use such food in our daily life. We need to take refined and processed food in limit or else we gonna suffer from various problems. Organic foods and vegetable are the things that can reduce this problem.