5 truth about modern relationships

Today we are sharing with you some facts or bitter truth about modern relationships:5

– The medium of communication has changed. While talking through social media, text messages etc, people are not able to express themselves properly. In the modern relationships, digital communication has rooted instead of talking face to face and this has made relationships loose and light.
– Focus on beauty and attraction: People nowadays change their looks before getting into a relationship so that they can attract their to be partner. So, they tend to choose people who look attractive.
– !nterc0ur$e before love. If a relationship is based more on $e* than love then it won’t last long. Do not make the mistake of loosing yourself before love.
– Social Media Syndrome: Social media can ruin your relationship. Chatting secretly with someone else, looking at partners messages and making double meanings out of the comments made of posts can break your relationship.
– Now everything is joined with $e*. One night stand, $e* date and partner change have become very common nowadays. So, is your relationship too is based on these things rather than trust?