This line in palmistry makes you billionaire

The lines of palm are know to tell the future and fortune. According to palmistry, the palm lines shows how your future and fortune will be.karodpati-rekha hasta-rekha
Among the different lines in palm, some have an additional line. It is said that those who have it will be a billionaire.
According to palmistry, even those who do not have a fortune line will be a billionaire if they have this line.
If the Thu, Fri, Sat and moon Mountains in your palm are aroused, you have RajyaLaxmi Yog. The person who have it will obtain wealth, house and ride happiness by fortune or hard work.
If there is a sign of tortoise in palm, these people have the yog of becoming rich suddenly. These people gain wealth from the most unexpected place.karodpati-rekha-1 karodpati-rekha-2
If there is a swastika sign in hand, those people are very fortunate. According to the ocean mythology, these people are very successful in life.
If a person has wed mountain and a white mole on their brain line and the fortune line in very clear, straight or complete then this is also a yog of becoming a billionaire.