Chapati or rice for flat belly

If you are over weight or have a big belly then you are certainly trying to loose weight. Many tend to eat chapati to get flat stomach where as other eat rice thinking it does not make stomach big. Many are not even satisfied without rice.


People think that eating chapati means flat tummy but they do not know about it clearly.
A popular dietitian shared that 30 gm of rice and 30 gm of chapati have same calories. A recent published report revealed that there is no difference between eating rice and chapati because they have equal calories.
But from the view of stomach, chapati has more fiber and it is easier to digest. Rice on the other hand has no fiber. Eating rice means you feel hungry faster but chapati keeps you full for a longer period of time, so eating chapati is considered better.
Dietitian recommend to those who have the habit of eating rice to mix other fibrous foods with it.
They also revealed that both rice and wheat have equal fats in them.