Want to become rich? Take these 6 things out from your house before Tihar

Change broken glasses:
Change glasses of doors and windows if they are cracked or broken. Change glasses if they are blurry and do not get cleaned because it creates barrier in entrance of positive energy. Do not keep broken glasses in any part of the house.
Get rid of dirt and unwanted things from roof:want-to-become-rich
Many people keep unwanted things on their roof and do not keep it clean either. If so, get rid of them. A clean roof means decrease in sadness, tension and problems.
Throw away broken electronics:
If there are broken electronics in house, repair them and use again if not throw them away.
Repair doors:
If your door is broken or the plaster is coming off, repair them especially of kitchen and living room.
Keep main gate clean:
Wash your house’s main door with clean water. If the door is of wood, color it and make a swastika symbol with vermilion.
Get rid of loan trouble from your room:
If you have taken money from someone, try to pay it as soon as possible. According to mythology those goddess Laxmi never enters the house of those who have loan.