Don’t throw your mobile even if it’s old

Every people this days are interested in gadgets. Some people needs this and some are addicted to it. Talking about mobile, everyone wants to use expensive phones. Lately most of the people are habitual to iPhone. People buys it as the new invention comes to the market.

item1 item2 item3There are various types of phone in the market, so you don’t need to buy iPhone if you have less money. If you have iPhone that cost less than also you are rich. It is made of elements like gold, silver, copper, pears etc and this will be more expensive coming days.How much money is been produced such elements are used that much. One day it will come when such elements will be empty, on that day your phone will be more expensive.

One smartphone will be fit in your pocket but it contains various expensive elements. In one iPhone there is 0.034 gram gold, 0.34 gram silver, 0,015 gram palladium, 15 gram copper and 25 gram aluminium. Other elements like latinium, tritium, terbium is also kept on the phone. Except this glass, plastic and many other elements are also used. The more phone will be produced such thing will be more. Around 2 arab people in the world use smartphone. And this is increasing. You can take out more gold or silver from 1 ton iPhone rather than raw gold or silver. People change phone like their clothes. In average people change phone in 11 months. Because there will be lots of features developed in between.

We throw old phone, that will be coward, 10% elements can be taken out from that phone and kept in another phone. Electric dust is one of the challenging dust. The harmful element if formed from it which is very harmful for health. This dust is managed in rich country like India and China. Poor people gets employed to take important thing out from dust. The country who use such dust should face many health issues as well.

To be aware from such problem, firstly people should stop changing phone. Sahajbala who is professor of Australian New South Wales says that there should be micro factory so from that you can take out important elements from dust. Robot should work instead of people.