10 tips to save money

We people have faced the problem of saving money. How much we earn we invest that much. Here are some tips that helps you to save money.

Quit expensive lifestyle You need to start saving and stop investing things on alcohol, tobacco, cigartte etc. This saves money as well as prevents from various disese. Pay bills Paying bills of electricity, telephone, water etc too helps to save money. This helps to prevent fine and can save some money paying early. Less membership Don’t be attached to many clubs, this will increase your expenses.



You need to be member only if it is necessary. Check bank balance You need to check your bank account once a week, you can check your activity of banking using online banking. You can know why the money is being cut off. Be careful during shopping We shop more than we keep budget. If you control on investing than you can save. You need to buy clothes that you can wash at home. Stay away from junk foods You need to make a habit of eating food of home rather than eating junk foods. You need to avoid junk foods as well as let your other family member to avoid it. Watch film at home If you watch film at cinema hall than you will have to invest more so you need to make a habit of watching movie at home. Use of internet You need to use internet and read all the news on it rather than buying newspaper. Similarly you can prevent the money of buying books as well.

Plan budget You need to plan the budget in the start of month. You can know the expenses from it and keep the note of daily invested money. You will know where the money is been invested and you can prevent it from next month. Use public Vehicle You should use public vehicle, you can walk on foot at short distance and use vehicle at long distance. This will make you fit as well.